3rd JC Enterprises provides ongoing opportunities for its clients to receive workshop-based, or one-on-one tutorials for agency designees. This provides an ongoing point of contact on-site that can regularly maintain the creative assets created, as appropriate.

Providing that service, is addedEFX, the Multimedia Design training component of the 3rd JC Enterprises agency

Web Design & Social Media have become a strong staple in an organization’s identity to its target audience. Since they work so closely with one another we tend to approach them connected, even though the approach can be very different.

Our Design solutions for clients can be as basic as maintaining the existing Web design or social Media outlets online for a client, creating said assets, and pass off access to an organizations staff; to as involved as Web Design/Social Media Asset creation and regular outlets online for a client or creation of said assets and pass off to an organizations staff to maintenance.  Some samples of our work:

Social Media Management

Hopewell Church:  Co-Management of Twitter | Facebook
National Guide Right of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.
Management of Facebook | KL Facebook | Twitter | KL Twitter |  Website | YouTube | Pinterest

Though the list is not all-inclusive, It provides a great deal of service range for our clients. If you are not quite certain if we are your design solution, look through some of the work, or contact us for a chat over coffee.

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