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CBR: Month 3

CBR: Month 3

Training and Motivational Development:

Big Idea- Professional Development

Essential Question: What types or methods of professional development can engage professionals with meaningful media-rich content?

Challenge: Engaging professionals (educators) with media rich professional development.

1.What are your three subtopics for your literature review? Briefly discuss three references that will play a large role in the development of each. This could be a paragraph format or bulleted list. Within the literature review for my Challenge Based Research -Curriculum compatibility

Current challenges interfering with PD’s effectiveness. (cost, educator indifference, educator’s possible ongoing coursework, etc)

-Faculty and Technology: Implications for Faculty Training and Technology Leadership

-Training teachers to use new technologies impacts multiple ecologies: Evidence from a national initiative

-Teacher educators working on their own professional development: goals, activities and outcomes of a project for the professional development of teacher educators

Technologies capable of being universally adapted for use across diverse subject areas/curriculums

-Creating Professional Learning Communities: The Work of Professional Development Schools

-Extending Content-Focused Professional Development through Online Communities of Practice

-Factors Influencing Outcomes From A Technology-Focused Professional Development Program

Possible Techniques for implementation

-Professional Development for Information Communication Technology Integration: Identifying and Supporting a Community of Practice through Design-Based Research

-Changing teamwork practices: videopaper as a mediating means for teacher professional development

-Continuing Professional Development: developing a vision

2.How do you plan to address the hurdles that you might encounter during this project? At the present time, I have anticipated the initial hurdles encountered to be

¥The practical application of the technologies to varying subject matters

¥The cost/perceived cost of implementing and training for technologies.

¥Other considerations that may appear would be the anxiety or reluctance to embrace the new skill sets, because of the work involved in training

¥A feeling it is not needed

¥Professionals denial of the usefulness of the media

3.Who is your target audience? My target audience is the teaching professional specifically, though I anticipate some overlap in the subtopics and challenges that merit consideration with professional development at the corporate level, as some of the same concerns exist based on my initial literary reviews thus far.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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Mary Johnston

Hello John, I was glad to see that several of the articles you have targeted are the same ones I choose. It is good to know we both found them, at least initially, to be valuable and that we are targeting similiar ideas. It was also good to see that you were going to focus on the current challenges. I will be watching that subtopic for your research, I hadn’t thought about obstacles in this area and would hate to run into roadblocks. Also highly valuable will be your focus on professional development outside the typical educational settings. Great job.

Thursday, October 21, 2010 – 11:34 PM

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