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CBR: Month 4

CBR: Month 4

Post Lit Review Blog Post

1.In month 4 of CBR how has your challenge evolved? Reflect on the process. Be sure to include some Essential Questions that has helped to shape the challenge.

My CBR asked the question of what are successful methods of engaging professionals in developing and/or utilizing media –rich content. Based on my initial thought process, I approached this from the point of suggesting what any professional must have in terms of professional development/technology exposure to be able to engage the new learner. I was thinking of the idea of making suggestions of certain media for professionals. I was surprised to find in my review that there was little or no mention of any specific technologies at all and more emphasis on how to go about the implementation as opposed to what to implement.  Upon looking at it further, it made sense that the type of technology needs may rarely overlap, though the ways that they are implemented may work or not work in the same way for many professionals across curriculums. The question is still the same, yet the results sought are now more of what methods means what techniques as opposed to what types of media.

I am eager to do some interviewing of actual educators; both in my former teaching environment and among my EMDT peers to compare my findings in the Lit Review to their own observations and experiences. It will be interesting to see what validates what I have learned, what disputes, and what possible new approaches could come from learning what engages the Digital Pilgrim.

2.Now that you can envision the challenge, what are your thoughts for assessment? What do you think success would look like after implementing the challenge?

I believe a successful challenge would address those consistently reappearing PD concerns with, if not a solution, at least a feasible approach to attacking those concerns as I see them to be.  Ideally I would like to have some form of legitimate address to the reoccurring issues that interfere with significant professional development implementation and an of successful techniques (methods) of engaging professionals in developing and/or utilizing media –rich content.

3.What were the most valuable aspects of your pre writing process for your Literature Review?  Why is peer feedback for your Literature Review valuable? The most valuable aspect of the feedback to the writing process is the benefit of a viewpoint distanced from the research. The obvious benefit is the eyes of someone who may see the information you missed, omitted or elaborated on incompletely or too much

Though I found that I over analyzed the information in the process of reviewing the literature, another important aspect of the Lit review is to be able to pull the similar themes and the most important aspects from the selected Lit reviews. In my case, many researchers did different approaches and focused in on different area/curriculum, and target subjects, yet in a lot of situations some similar themes continued to come up, which quite honestly helped in a significant way to narrow down the information to import into the research.

Peer review is also a way to monopolize on the strength of your peers and share your own. Back in MLR, I found that the varying strengths of research between my peers and I always bring different approach to their individual review f the material. One student notices a certain part of the reading based on their thought process, another zeros in on another, while another, something totally different. These varying approaches maximize the chances of refining the research before submission.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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