CBR Professional Development 1st Thoughts

CBR Professional Development 1st Thoughts

  Month 1

1. Provide at least 3 Essential Questions as options for the group to decide on the final guiding question for the Challenge.

•How could a Professional development group be formulated to address universal needs of the work environment?

•Are there would it be beneficial to have a professional development cadre’ for each subject area at a designated school?

•Are financial investments the concerns the biggest deterrent for implementation of new professional development technologies for Teachers?

•What types of professional development is considered most beneficial to the largest population of teachers/professionals in my work environment?

•Is professional development by and large considered a necessity or a exercise that is “just done” by the supervisory staff of the workplace?

2. What hurdles do you anticipate encountering while completing this project? Your response can focus on the task itself, collaborating in a virtual environment, personal concerns, etc.

•The Coordination of efforts in general seems from the outset to be a significant hurdle to me. Whether online or off, we had some difficulty coordinating with everyone. I foresee some of that diminishing now that we know we are one group, yet we still have not heard from our 6th member. It is yet to be seen what effect if any this has on our group.

•If we are centralizing our feedback on Facebook (which may be the best way to go), will someone remain out of the loop who hasn’t enough time or doesn’t visit Facebook much

•I have personally been in a career transition and it is changed my lifestyle and my study habits overnight…I have to…readjust my priorities.

•Personally, I am still feeling somewhat in a fog about how to approach my CBR. The general consensus at the last CBR meeting was that this fairly normal at this point, though I am concerned about critical planning stages being affected should I have problems getting out of this creative block.

3. List your group members and provide a brief description of what you have learned about them that you think will contribute towards successfully completing this project.

•Leon-    has been the most vocal on the site thus far by email and Facebook. Due to his band practice, I don’t expect to see him in Wimba much, but I can always expect feedback from him if I post comments, questions or concerns.

•Yvan-   is the most visible of my members as I have seen him in Wimba and in General discussion most. We haven’t talked much but he has been the easiest to catch up with, as he is usually where I am regarding class.

•Toran-   I have not met or contacted Toran at this point. So it is difficult to get an assessment of this team member.

•Mary-   has been on the spot since we resolved the issue on combining the two PD groups into one. She was very on top of things when we were looking for everyone. She seems like a strong but behind the scenes player to me…I think her efforts might be low-key, yet significant.

•Richard- I have worked with Richard on a team in MLT.  He is the only person at present that I have spoken to offline. So I am more familiar with him at present.