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Facebook Outage Aftermath

However inconvenient, the shutdown from Facebook was rather telling.

As a rule, I tend to be somewhat skeptical of glitches in the Facebook family products mainly because I always think that they’re changing something of some significance, which in and of itself is not a bad thing; but yesterday I wasn’t doing a whole lot with Facebook to really be bent out of shape.

Apparently, the functionality issues were a lot more significant than I even observed as I saw more and more of the online community making this a conversation piece or in some of the more brilliant strategies utilizing it as a detour to other locations on the digital real estate. (I notice more than a few people starting out their tagline to their mailing list or posting to the other profiles….Facebook and Instagram are down but we are not, etc.)

I do believe that it reinforced something as a business owner and a social media user about the reliance on any one particular platform:

This was a cautionary tale about relying on one particular presence online for your social medium footprint, because at the end of the day if it is not available, you’re not getting anything done.

One of the things that it did remind me of is about not putting all of my eggs on one social media basket, such as Facebook, Instagram (or even Wix) but rather sharing it from someplace else Sold that I have someplace to live content from any time someone trips over the plug, and the power goes out.

I am very aware of the fact that the algorithms the govern traffic on Facebook are not favorable to contact that is shared to it and not post it on it, but even before this happened, I was having problems on occasion with valuable content, that was posted to Facebook natively and it just magically disappeared and I had nothing because it wasn’t posted on my blog or website; it was shared to Facebook.

after two or three painful losses I started sharing as opposed to posting and started learning that it was more advantageous to seeing my contact on Facebook to post directly…

…and then the Facebook blackout happened, nudging me back to my first thought process.

Clearly, I may take a loss with traffic on social media but when things unplug for a time….you still have to maintain a place for your content to be seen.

Still on the fence because traffic is still king, and a lot of my highest traffic comes from the Facebook family.

Not sure whether or not I will go back to posts directly. There is a possibility that I may split the difference and post on my other channels and upload it to Facebook as well. It’s extra work but it does seem to address potential outages going forward.

At the end of the day, you do what you gotta do to be seen

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