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Month 6- CBR

Month 6- CBR

Pre/Post Test Assessments

Now that your pre/post assessment tools are complete, how will the pre-assessment tool help to guide the implementation of Phase 1?

The Pre and post assessment tools will serve as the primary roadmap and guide to access technology and media appropriate for effectively engaging them and heir students with media rich content applicable to their subject area.

After reviewing the pre‐assessment results, are there any surprises from that data that creates change prior to the challenge being implemented? If there are no changes due to the data, how will you implement Phase 1. Please describe.

At present not enough research data has been retrieved from the target audience to report any surprise data.

What types of technology are being used to generate target audience solutions to the challenge?

At present, the subject matter across all subject areas is the Google platform (Google Docs, iGoogle, Google Wave, etc.), and potential selections that are subject area independent: (Web 2.0 software, WordPress Viddler, Wordle, Visual Thesaurus, SurveyMonkey) but actual subject matter may vary based on the needs of the teachers participating in the research.

Monday, January 17, 2011

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Roxanne De Leon

The target audience will generate the solutions, but it seems you have given them enough choices to provide solutions. Your CBR project is on track and moving in the right direction I am excited to see Phase 1 implementation unfold. Well Done!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011 – 12:48 PM

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