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Month 8 CBR Reflections

Month 8 CBR Reflections

“Would You Like to Take a Survey ONLY”

1. Now that Phase 1 has been completed, what were the most meaningful outcomes from your experience in this project?

Honestly, I find the most meaningful outcome has been the support from previous EMDT students who have stepped in to volunteer themselves as potential educators for the CBR. In a very really way it seems as if it is a way that the degree they received is still education them post graduation and also allowing me to fill in for some less than encouraging response levels from other educators.

At this point I am still persistent but very discouraged with my level of response from educators. Without any real explanation at this point, I can only speculate that one of 2 things has occurred.

1) I was not clear enough that the survey is only a part of the challenge, as many don’t respond well, if at all past the submission of pre survey

2) The teachers decided themselves (even after agreeing to assist) that they would determine how much they would assist and no more, regardless of the effect of the research.

I am very curious at this point if time is a more significant factor to implement a technology than money or the learning curve. I offer for consideration that the learning curve was of new Media may be affected in a positive way by the presence of a “guide” with which to help with the learning and exploration process of said technology. ; Secondly, the presence of significant Web 2.0 software to implement with little or no cost seems like a good way to draw an educator who professes the desire and need to use more of it (technology). Nevertheless, many of my responses proceeding the pre-survey have been left unaddressed at this time to Educators I have reached out to. Though I am willing , if necessary, to accept this as a natural and occurring phenomena  and part of the CBR process (if it does not adversely affect my studies), I still I find myself personally disappointed by the unused opportunity at enhancing the educational experiences of the students by just a little extra time, exploration and feedback.

2. After reviewing the assessment results, are there any surprises from that data, that creates a change prior to Phase 2 being implemented? If there are no changes due to the data, how will you implement Phase 2? Please describe.

No significant Data change level. I am finding that my level and form of contact with educators may need to change to increase feedback from them.

The essential problems associated with this change are that 1) the contact info given was the preferred way of corresponding with the educator and 2) pressuring the educator for feedback will most like decrease already limited feedback or eliminate it entirely.

3. What types of technology are being used to generate target audience solutions to the challenge in Phase 2?

Up to this point I have addressed the concerns as listed through the survey on my Blog, but my responses have been rather one sided and undeveloped outside of the initial response. Part of this is because I have been unable to get the educators to make time to respond to first inquiry past pre-survey. I have still been encouraging the usage of Google docs and Blogging as a writing-strengthening tool, however I am really a proponent of directing the educator to whatever is specifically useful to their individual classroom instruction.

To be honest, I desire the challenge of branching out, brainstorming and exploring some of the many Web 2.0 Media I have been exposed to in EMDTMS with my teachers; but I have not seen the need to expand on what I share since the current response has been minimal.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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