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Month 9-GSM


Describe how the target audience reacted to the being in control of the learning?

Of those participants what have been actively involved in my CBR, the concept of control seems to be empowering. The only dominant prerequisite to this is that the “Media learning” be narrowed to a subject matter that is conducive to the workplace needs already present.  This seems to make the difference in the enthusiasm and motivation with those who have actively involved themselves in the CBR.

How did your role change from a direct instructor to more of a facilitator?

Ideally my role has always been more of a facilitator as it relates to the CBR. The majorities of my actual active participants are or have by been EMDTMS students and although they are familiar with the process and technology in general, may not have been formally exposed to the media that I provided for their challenge. I believe that in some ways facilitating the learning for someone else made it much less opportunity to do so for themselves, which left me a wide space to work with.

As a master’s student, you are expected to utilize the tools given in sync sessions, readings, and other source materials and apply them to your CBR. Describe the ways that GSM contributed to your Challenge Based Research project. You are expected to find a connection between this class and your CBR project.

In terms of training/professional development, it opened my mind to possibilities of potential training ideas and skill building. WOW may in fact serve as a great team building exercise of a workplace team. The fact that we moved as a team and had to approach a task as a unit, moved in and attacked a challenge collectively is a powerful teamwork metaphor. I am almost certain that someone somewhere is already doing this.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jeet Chadha

@ John:Although we may be on different EMDT tracks in the arena of AR vs. CBR – at base level, I think the sheer enthusiasm you bring to your project (and our cohort, in general) is INFECTIOUS!I especially like the way you seem to be open to the possiiblity of “thinking outside the box” when it comes to most anything – perhaps especially evident in the last paragraph of your blog post where you advocate the use of gaming in professional development.

You inspire me, as you do your learners!

“Well Played,” Jeet

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 – 02:25 PM

Mary Johnston

John, Somehow I knew you would enjoy WOW!  I too am looking at gaming and wondering how it fits in professional development and I believe that the power of play is important for learners of all ages. Teamwork is a key component to today’s education progress and your idea to use WOW for team building is a good one. I found this website today- Kapp Notes: His perspective is communicating with with baby boomers to digital natives on the value of gaming. You may find some validation on this site. Good luck with the CBR project.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 – 08:10 PM

Marsona Jackson

Hey John,I feel you on the ideas of providing training in the gaming arena as it relates to professional development. I don’t believe educators realize how much we really have that our students can benefit and make our jobs a lot easier.I will be looking also do some professional development training on games for next year that my fellow teachers can refer their students to participate in and I will also be encouraging my teachers to also play and play with their students.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 – 09:01 PM

Dr. Siegel

You are on the right track and doing well!  Keep up the great work!  Dr. Siegel

Thursday, April 21, 2011 – 02:15 PM

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