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Skype in the WorkPlace: Challenge

On April 1, I conducted a interview with the Career development Department with Full Sail University. Since I was still wrestling with educators making time for my challenges, i decided to make one out of this meeting.

Winter Park is only about 2hours away, but most students in the program are not in Florida, so doing interviews on phone are not unusual for the staff at FSU. Since I am not regularly on Skype and iChat, I wanted to do an interview on this format. Once i found out that the Ms. Pagan was not experienced with this medium, this became a perfect challenge in line with my “Big Idea“. Below is the feedback submitted after the “video interview”

“My interview with John Carter via Skype This was my first time ever using Skype for a video interview. It was a bit of a challenge and somewhat stressful. I was unsure what steps technically I needed to take to conduct the interview. In addition, I had a very heavy workload and being fairly new to the office, it added additional stress to take time out of my busy day to figure out a solution to this new challenge.

I decided to enlisted the help of a fellow coworker. He was able to set up the Skype software and passwords on my computer. He also instructed me on how to use the software.

On the day of the interview, it was surprisingly easy to access John Carters Skype account and connect with him. However, even after starting the interview process, I must admit, I was not too keen on using video conferencing. It seemed to be a bit of an evasion of my privacy and unnecessary. Also, a silly/vain side of me was worried about how I would visually appear on screen.

Once the monitor turned on and I was able to see John on the screen; it was not as bad I had imagined it to be! John was extremely professionally and charming. We began the interview process. John was intelligent, very articulate, down to earth and seemed very comfortable with this form of communication. His lack of stress and ease in using Skype reduced my stress levels and made my initial fears of using this modern form of communication seem ridiculous.

My unfounded fear was due to lack of experience and ignorance to this very simple and quite useful means of communication. I am thankful for Johns request for a Skype interview, it pushed me to challenge myself to try something new while introducing me to a new form of communication.

As for the interview itself, it went surprising well. I learned a lot about John, what his future goals are, about his professional strengths and creative talents, as well as his devotion to his family.“

Susan Pagan-Hilton Full Sail University | Career Development Department Career Advisor | Masters of Fine Arts | Education Media Design Technology 3300 University Boulevard | Suite 200 | Winter Park, FL 32792 | Building 110 T: 800.757.5105 | F: 407.671.2240 | E: | W:

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