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Week 1 -Blog URL (Blogs, Blogs Every where…and none of them ongoing!)

I think that I may fare better with a school work blog than I have done with my personal forays into Blogging:

I mean don’t get me wrong, I have MOST of the prerequisites fulfilled to be a Blogger as i see it: Opinionated, varied interests, a interesting look at life…and most importantly, a mouth that wont stop running…..(this is Carter Commentary folks…please don’t picket….I can’t afford to be shut down before the business starts making money!

The problem I think, is though my opinion is valid and has some value, unlike may other bloggers I don’t feel it a priority to share what I think with the world (which, I think, is at the heart of the most effective Bloggers). Most of my blogging attempts have been collaborations and/or service based vehicles where I my need to create it was stronger than others have seen to maintain it. Such examples:– (The IT blog of the First Baptist Church of mandarin, Jacksonville FL….okay maintaining this one is my job!…0 for 1!) (Business owners who are members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity inc.) (Creative professionals who are members of Kappa alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.)

My most consistent effort has been with my personal blog through WordPress, which is still located on my website. Here I could wax fanboy geekdom and rant incessantly without being shoved into a locker and still point out the obvious saving grace when someone swears I am 100% wrong (I.E. YOU came to MY site). Still the brilliant epiphanies (LOL) were roadblocked by the regular interruptions that we call “life”.…….so, here we go again.

Perhaps being graded, and spending my money to be in school at Full Sail would be a better motivator than just telling the world what I THINK.

But if I still can’t get it right, I can look at someone who does it a wee bit better My wife’s blog: ( Since she is working on her first book and writes pretty well, perhaps I can take a page from her play book and get back on the horse, because I know that I have ALWAYS got something to say!

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