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After reviewing the wiki by my peer’s Web 2.0 review regarding Wikispaces, I thought it a great place to start trying out Wikis. After meeting with dr. De Leon and finding out that there will be some level of interaction and/or correspondence with educators in my workplace (in my case former colleagues) it seemed like a solid resources to establish for interaction with the teaching staff as I am not in regular access or correspondence with them about there feeling on professional development.

This forum would allow me an area to gather thoughts on the current state of the staff’s professional development, what they feel works, does not, is present and is lacking in their professional development as well as submit potential tools for use that I have come across thus far during my studies here at Full Sail.

Though the feedback is the primary purpose for the Wikispaces, providing a source of resources for the staff team to better engage their students is more than enough reason to maintain the site.


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