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Okay, I admit it, I really like this site…… now, I went to it because I needed to research Web 2.0 software, and yeah I went to it to create a flash based site without learning flash……BUT……

I do plan to learn flash….there’s no real way around it……(I do have until next August anyway)

I was well overdue to create a page that shows my work with some flash based elements, my concern was I really did not want to take time away from class and Job/Project searching to work on my site when I could do it just as well here (Clients pay for their site…there’s no pay for redoing MY website).

To be quite frank, I wanted a new look with some interactive elements and to show a nice range of work without having to take too much time from the bills….and Wix did the job.

I will state two things for those unfamiliar to the site: you may not code, but you will design, and you WILL work. There is some effort to putting this together. any website is a bit ike a puzzle; this is more a question of whether you want to do a 500 piece or a 1000 piece ……but the look is totally customizable..which I like (yes I am a bit of a control freak for my design work)

My biggest gripe is that you have is still the ads…they are still relatively unobtrusive, but you have to pay almost 10$ or more /month to get the ad free site. The saving grace is a VERY customizable site, with a great look and a lot of potential.

still, I like what I see……I might jump ship from my current host………MIGHT JCIII

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